Bangin' Bertha (Saddle Tramp Bell) - Bangin' Bertha is a bell carried on a trailer by the Saddle Tramps organization to all home football games at Jones AT&T Stadium and homecoming events. Created in 1959 by Saddle Tramp Joe Winegar, the bell was donated by the Santa Fe Railroad and is currently considered one of the main features at all home football games.

The Blarney Stone - On St. Patrick's Day in 1939, Texas Tech revealed that it had discovered a piece of the Blarney Stone - which, after investigation matched a piece of the original stone stolen from Blarney Castle in Dublin, Ireland in 1659. The stone lies in front of the old Electrical Engineering Building and according to tradition, seniors who kiss the stone upon graduating will receive the gift of eloquent speech.

Carol of Lights - A celebration for the holiday season held annually on the Tech campus. The Tech combined choirs perform signature Christmas carols in the science quadrangle, and at the end of the singing, 25,000 lights illuminate 13 buildings on campus throughout the holiday season. Harold Hinn thought of the idea in 1959 and provided the funds, but during its first year, all students were on Winter Break and were not able to see the display. Thus, the following year, "The Christmas Sing" was created and the name was eventually changed to the "Carol of Lights."

Double T Saddle Monument - Each football player touches the saddle upon entering the field of Jones AT&T Stadium. It was donated by the Saddle Tramps to Double T - a previous horse of the Masked Rider.

Goin' Band from Raiderland - The Goin' Band is a musical ensemble which performs at home and away football games and other events. The band consists of more than 400 members, but originally began with just 21 when the band was formed in 1925. The band received the Sudler Trophy in 1998 for the nation's top band.

Guns Up - Created in 1972, "Guns up" is the signature hand signal from one Red Raider to another and is also displayed as a victory sign at every Tech athletic event.

Masked Rider - One of the oldest and more popular mascots of the Red Raiders. The idea of the Masked Rider began as a dare in 1936 and was originally called the ghost rider because the identity of the rider was never revealed. The ghost riders circled the football stadium at home games and then eventually disappeared. The Masked Rider became the university's official mascot in 1954 when Joe Kirk Fulton led the team onto the field before the Gator Bowl.

RaiderGate - The official student tailgating section before home football games. As one of the largest campus parties, roughly 10,000 students attend this event before every home game at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Raider Red - Before the 1971 football season, the Southwest Conference ruled that a team could not bring live animals to an away game unless the home team allowed the visitor to do so. Thus, Raider Red was created. Saddle Tramp Jim Gaspard created Raider Red from a cartoon by the late Dirk West. Raider Red's identity is not to be revealed to the student body.

Saddle Tramps - The all-male booster organization is a supporter of Tech men's athletics. The name of the organization originated from stories of men of traveling who arrived on farms and fixed anything needing repair and eventually moved on to the next farm. The Saddle Tramps attend every men's athletic event from football to baseball.

Victory Bells - Given as a class gift in 1936, the bells rang for the first time that year at graduation. The bells ring for 30 minutes after a home victory or for other special occasions. The bells rang for the first time after a win over TCU and rang throughout the night, keeping Lubbock residents from sleeping.

Will Rogers and Soapsuds - One of the most renown landmarks campuswide is the statue of Will Rogers riding his horse Soapsuds. Dedicated in February of 1950 by Rogers' friend Amon G. Carter, the statue stands 9-feet-11-inches tall and weighs 3,200 pounds. The original plan was to have Rogers riding Soapsuds into the west, but doing so would have Soapsuds riding into downtown Lubbock. As an alternate plan to solve the problem, the statue was turned 23 degrees to the east so that Soapsuds' buttocks pointed toward Texas A&M University, one of Tech's rival schools. Before every home game, the statue is wrapped by the Saddle Tramps in red crepe paper.


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